Interested in learning about how to navigate a machine shop? Need to learn how to use breadboards and sensors for class project? Want to advance your circuit-building skills? The ITL Program has workshops for all levels! Contact the LaunchPoint for general information, or get in touch with an instructor using the menu below. View resources for all ITL Program workshops on Google Drive.



Intro to Arduino

Learn the basics of the Arduino UNO microcontroller board and development environment. The fundamentals of Arduino Input and Output are discussed through connection to sensors and lights. 

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Motion 1

Building on the Introduction to Arduino Workshop, the Intermediate Workshop focuses on two devices that produce movement – Motors and Servos. Common coding and troubleshooting techniques are also discussed. Students taking the Intermediate Workshop should be able to understand the fundamentals of Arduino Input/Output and have at least six hours of experience with the Arduino microcontroller.
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Are you interested in using your computer, Bluetooth, or xBee to control your Arduino? Participants will learn about Arduino communication through hands-on exercises. Common issues regarding Serial communication will be addressed. Students taking the Arduino Communication workshop should be familiar with Servos, use of the Serial monitor, and have at least 12 hours of Arduino experience. The Bluetooth modules require that the students use an ANDROID device.
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Do you want to make your microcontroller project smaller? Is the Arduino Mini just too big? 
If so, the Arduino miniaturization workshop is for you! Through this self-paced, hands-on workshop, students will migrate a project from the Arduino Uno to the ATTiny85. With the code on an tiny integrated circuit, students have the flexibility to design and create their own circuit boards that meet their project needs. Workshop Notes: This is an intermediate/advanced workshop. Students will need five hours of Arduino coding experience to get the most out of this workshop. Creating circuit boards is a topic of the ITLL Intro to Eagle and Intro to Altium workshops. 



Sketches and Parts

This workshop introduces the concept of CAD and the production of basic extrusions using Onshape; this workshop is perfect for engineers who just getting started with CAD or who might be a bit rusty with using Onshape. In CAD I, we will discuss the importance of CAD as a tool for design. We will then introduce users to the concept of CAD and the CAD environment, exploring the control of the CAD window and the use of tools like 'Sketch', 'Extrude', Revolve', and 'Constraint'. By the end of the workshop, you'll be able to make parts like these!

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Assemblies and Design for Manufacturing

This workshop expands upon the lessons learned in CAD I and explores tolerancing and Design-For-Manufacturing (DFM) considerations through assemblies in Onshape; this workshop is perfect for engineers who are familiar with CAD but want to learn more about multi-part assemblies and using CAD in a real design setting. In CAD II, we will do a quick review of the basics from CAD I and then dive into a number of new tools. Then, we will explore combining multiple parts into an assembly and the design considerations required to create such parts using tools like the 3D printer or laser cutter.. We'll even review making dimensioned drawings for machining! By the end of the workshop, you'll be able to make parts like these!

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Intro to Drawings

This workshop is directed to users who have attended the Intro to Parts and Intro to Assemblies workshop. Learn how to communicate your engineering design with title blocks, projected views and dimensions. Time is reserved to complete a practice exercise with support available for questions.
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3D Scanning

Discover and learn about the benefits and boundaries of 3D scanning. Take reverse engineering to the next level with the NextEngine desktop or the Artec EVA Lite handheld 3D Scanner.
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Solidworks Certification

Interested in taking your CAD skills to the next level? Show future employers that you know your stuff by becoming a certified Solidworks user! This workshop series is intended for engineers who have extended experience in using CAD and are prepared to take the CSWA, CSWP, or CSWE exams . In addition to the exam, the ITLL will also host a set of kickoff and Q&A sessions to help participants become familiar with the contents of the exam, migrate to Solidworks from another CAD program, and discuss tips and tricks that will help to ensure your success through practice. Important note: this workshop is recommended for experienced CAD users! 

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LabView & Electronics

Intro to LabView

Past experience has shown that the best way to get down the learning curve with the program is to do the Intro Exercises. We used to do this as a workshop, but students preferred to do it at their own pace. You are welcome to utilize a ITLL lab station to complete these exercises as long as you do not interfere with class. If you need cables, breadboard or a temperature sensor, please go to the ITLL LaunchPoint.

To get you started, these short (5 minute or so) videos are a good introduction for first time LabVIEW users:

LabVIEW and DAQ Basics

Front Panel (controls)

DAQ Assistant

Saving Data

NI has provided the ITLL with other trainings as well. Once you have mastered the Intro Exercises, please email Daniel Godrick ( to discuss training specific to your application.


Intro to Soldering

After working on the popular Simon Game from SparkFun, you will have a greater knowledge of through-hole soldering and the tools, techniques, and terminology required to populate your own PCB prototype.
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Intro to Circuits

This hands-on workshop introduces basic electronics principles, electronic components and circuit building. Learn how to recognize and read component values. Build, test and troubleshoot a circuit on a solderless breadboard. Learn to use a digital multi-meter and oscilloscope.

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Intro to Data Acquisition

Learn the basics of data aquisition in this two hour workshop. Hands on exercises will allow students to learn abou the three R's of data acquisition: resolution, range, and rate. Digital and analog signals will be explored using the ITLL labstations. This is a self-guided workshop, please contact Dan Godrick ( for more information.

Electronic Design Automation (ECAD)

Intro to Altium Designer

This introductory workshop uses Altium Designer PCB Design Software to introduce Electronic Design Automation for an industry-level tool.

The three-part workshop will introduce schematic capture, printed circuit board layout, and gerber file generation. It will also go over using Altium Designer’s part creation tools.

While computers are made available for use in this workshop, you may choose to use your own. You can get a free trial of the software at If you cannot or chose not to obtain a trial download for Altium and wish to use a personal computer, you can request access to ITLL Anywhere in order to run Altium remotely without the need to download or install the program.

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Intro to EAGLE

This introductory workshop uses EAGLE PCB Design Software to introduce Electronic Design Automation.

The three-part workshop will introduce schematic capture, printed circuit board artwork, and gerber file generation.

Before coming to the workshop download the Eagle software on your laptop and bring a mouse.

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Safety Orientation

Completion of this one-hour workshop is required prior to use of the Manufacturing Center. Topics include a shop orientation, review of available resources, and safety guidelines. For some courses, your instructor will make arrangements for this workshop; otherwise, you can register here. Completion permits use of the Manufacturing Center with direct supervision.

Safety glasses may be purchased from McGuckin Hardware, Home Depot, or at the bookstore

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Intro to Computer Numeric Control Machining

This is a two-hour workshop held in the evenings from 5:00-7:00pm. Students will learn basic Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machining skills which includes CAD to CAM conversion using Mastercam for Solidworks to develop toolpaths. We will spend half the workshop using Mastercam for Solidworks to practice toolpaths, and the other half in the Manufacturing Center running the CNC machines.
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Advanced CNC Workshop

This is a two-hour workshop held in the evenings from 5:00pm-7:00pm. This advanced machining workshop will follow a similar format to the Intro CNC workshop, but will further develop skills useful to machining. 5-Axis machining will utilize transform planes and simultaneous axis movement to create an advanced component that would otherwise be impossible on a standard CNC milling machine. Note: It is recommended that you take the Introduction to CNC workshop first, but this is not required.

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Saws & Drills

Completion of this 90-minute workshop is required prior to use of the Manufacturing Center's saws and drills. Topics will include using the drill press, table saw, and others.
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Lathes & Mills

In this one-on-one, self-paced workshop you'll learn basic machining skills using the lathe and mill as you build a small part from a piece of aluminum. This workshop is hands-on with you doing all the machining. The workshop usually takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. Completion allows independent use of manual mills and lathes.
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Material Testing - Instron Machine

Need to test material samples? The Instron Universal Material Testing Machine can apply tension, compression or bending forces. Attend this training to gain access to these state-of-the-art resources. After training, contact ITLL-Modules to schedule testing.  Please contact Brianne Willett to schedule a workshop.

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Intro to Laser Cutters

Completion of this workshop is required before students can use the two laser cutters located in the ITLL. This workshop is offered throughout the semester to groups of 10 students. 
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Intro to 3D Printing

In this workshop, students will become familiar with the three levels of 3D prototyping available at the ITLL. At the end of the workshop, students will go through the process of setting up and printing a part.
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Intro to Sewing

This workshop that covers the basics of sewing using the Janome DC2015 machines. The intro includes machine setup, terminology and common troubleshooting tips. All users welcome!
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